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About Us

At the Steno-type Institute, you will learn court reporting, closed captioning, cyber conferencing and more with the skills you need for a successful career. Our talented expert, well-experienced and highly qualified teachers will lead you towards success.Your future is at your finger-tips at the Steno-type institute like ours.


We believe that professional success depends on personal integrity, dedication to a strong work ethic and a solid, continuing education in today's fast-paced world of rapid technological and social change. Our philosophy in turn leads to an attitude of pursuing a career characterized by purposeful and rewarding work. This attitude embraces a commitment to a discipline to acquire the knowledge and skills that will enable each person to master his or her profession, which in turn will lead to a personal satisfaction that one derives from a job well done.


This institute, i.e., 'Isaac Pitman Shorthand College' in Tilak Nagar was started on 9th of January, 1979 . This College was put on the wheels of development by me (Poonam Khattar) with the assistance of my husband, Mr. D. N. Khattar, who is now a Chief Instructor as well as C.E.O. He is the man who has brought this college on sound footing. During the course of its running, my married daughter, Mrs. Sunaina Vij also became the part of the staff of the College by joined it a few years back. She joined the College with a view to spraying of her knowledge of Stenography among the students of this College. With the team spirit, I, my husband, my daughter along with the other staff brought the name of this College on top level.

Mission Statement

The mission of this Institute is to offer the best education and training possible and to provide its graduates and under-graduates with the knowledge and skills to excel as professionals in the multifaceted field of court reporting. We also feel it is important to continually upgrade the profession; for this reason, our standards are, in many respects, higher than those required by other educational institutions in the field. We want our graduates and under-graduates to possess more than the minimum skills that would allow them to secure entry-level positions.


This background, coupled with our philosophy and mission, allows us to set and work toward the following goals:

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